Mature Dubia Roach Colony Bundle - Medium

Mature Dubia Roach Colony Bundle - Medium


Mature Dubia Roach Colony Bundle - Medium

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Introducing our Dubia Roach Colony Starter Bundle (Medium) – the perfect package to kickstart your colony and provide premium nutrition for your beloved reptiles! This carefully curated bundle includes everything you need to establish a thriving colony of these nutritious feeder insects or supplement an existing colony.

What's Inside:

  1. 4 Crate Flats: Sturdy and stackable, these flats provide the ideal environment for your Dubia Roach colony to flourish. They're designed to be convenient for breeding and easy to manage, making your experience as a roach rancher a breeze.

  2. 30 Female Adult Dubia Roaches: The backbone of your colony! These female roaches will ensure a continuous and sustainable population growth. With their reproductive prowess, you'll soon have a steady supply of roaches for your reptiles.

  3. 15 Male Adult Dubia Roaches: These males play a crucial role in the breeding process, contributing to the vitality and genetic diversity of your colony. Their presence ensures a robust and healthy population.

  4. 200 Large Dubia Roaches: Perfect for larger reptiles with hearty appetites. These roaches are packed with protein and nutrients, making them an excellent choice for adult bearded dragons and other sizable reptiles.

  5. 200 Medium Dubia Roaches: Ideal for bridging the gap between juvenile and adult reptiles. These roaches offer a balanced size for various stages of your pet's growth, ensuring they receive the nutrition they need.

  6. 200 Small Dubia Roaches: Tailored for the little ones! Juvenile reptiles require smaller prey, and these roaches are the perfect size to meet the needs of your young bearded dragons and other small reptiles.

Why Choose Our Starter Bundle:

  • Quality Assurance: Our Dubia Roaches are raised with care and fed a nutritious diet to ensure they are a premium food source for your reptiles.

  • Cost-Effective: Purchasing this bundle provides significant savings compared to buying individual items. It's a cost-effective way to establish and maintain a thriving roach colony.

  • Convenience: With a variety of sizes, you can meet the dietary needs of all your reptiles and supplement an existing colony in one convenient package. 

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