12 Days of Christmas Giveaway Official Rules


Official Rules:

  • Any contestants that do not follow Instagram’s Community Guidelines will be disqualified. Loaded Dubia Roaches follows the community guidelines.
  • Loaded Dubia Roaches is not responsible for the recipient following local or state laws where the gift may be received. These laws may include but not be limited to; tax laws, receipt of gift, participation in the giveaway, receipt of Dubia Roaches, etc.
  • Loaded Dubia Roaches is located in Pennsylvania and the giveaway abides by local/state laws. This contest does not have a fee for entry.
  • All contestants agree to follow US rules and regulations for drawings/gifts.
  • Entry to this giveaway will require:
    • Following Loaded Dubia Roaches on Instagram
    • Tagging a person that you know would benefit from receiving Dubia Roaches
    • Like the post 
  • Each comment that tags a person after the post is liked and Loaded Dubia Roaches is followed on instagram will be considered an entry to the giveaway. There is no limit to the number of entries.
  • Following our Facebook Page is highly recommended so that you are notified on future posts via this platform. 
  • A random comment picker will be used to choose the giveaway winner. 
  • The giveaway entry period will begin on 12/14/2021 and will continue for 12 days (12/25/2021). Each day will have an independent post for entry/winning. There will be a total of 12 prizes given away during this event. 
  • A winner will be announced each night at 10:00 pm EST. 
  • This giveaway is for 50 L/XL Dubia Roaches each day. The Dubia Roaches may contain mature male dubias.
  • Loaded Dubia Roaches will cover shipping costs to the giveaway winners.
  • To be eligible for the giveaway you must be at least 18 years old age.
  • Dubia Roaches will not be shipped to Flordia, Hawaii, or internationally. Loaded Dubia Roaches shipping policy must be adhered to during this event.  
  • This promotion is not sponsored by any entity. 
  • To collect the prize, the winner will be contacted after the video is posted revealing the winner. Loaded Dubia Roaches will need the winner to create an account on our website so that a free order can be created and fulfilled. 
  • Winners will have 10 days to respond to Loaded Dubia Roaches and create an account on our website. After 10 days, the prize is considered a forfeit. 
  • Instagram hasn’t endorsed this contest in any way. All participants release Instagram,Loaded Dubia Roaches, and any associated person/entity from any liability related to the contest.

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