Your Pets Health is our #1 Priority

Premium Dubia Roaches Loaded with Nutrients

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What Makes our Dubia Roaches High Quality?

Perfect Environment

We raise our Dubia Roaches in an automated environment that is dialed into perfection to promote a vibrant color and sheen.

Optimal Organic Diet

Stringent diet plans for optimal nutrition and hydration. Raised to be the best live food source for your beloved pet.

Clean Environment

Meticulously clean environment for resilience and to further ensure the safety of your pets.

Your Pets Health is our Priority

We dedicated years of research to ensure perfection. Our Dubia Roaches are loaded with nutrition & energy and have perfect coloring & sheen. Your pets health is our priority.

From our customers


Loaded dubia roaches is the best website for ordering roaches. They make sure their roaches are healthy by giving them nutrients. Too many pet stores and other companies either do not have any roaches or their roaches are not as healthy. However, loaded dubia roaches is always reliable and consistent. As a reptile enthusiast who has 7 reptiles and plans on having more in the future, I can proudly say my 2 bearded dragons, and Chinese Water dragon love the loaded dubia roaches the best. Whenever people ask me where they should get their roaches or what to do if their reptile is not eating, I always recommend loaded dubia roaches and people reach out to me saying their reptile loves the loaded dubia roaches. Also, the loaded dubia breeder is so kind and consistently answers peoples’ questions.
Tiffys Reptiles


If your looking to stock up on dubia roaches go to there is no where else to look they are the best. My dragons are raised on Loaded Dubia Roaches! I have been completely impressed with every roach I’ve seen and received from loadeddubiaroaches. Not only are the dubias loaded the packaging is perfect. Since I started getting my dubia from@loadeddubiaroachesI no longer have to worry about opening a box of hundreds of loose dubia. They have the roaches on an egg crate and it’s gift wrapped for you. Every email or message I have sent to LDR has always been met with lightning speed and top of the line customer service.


All of our dragons AND sugar gliders LOVE @loadeddubiaroaches! We originally sought them out to add fresh breeding ready dubias to the colony and when I saw their prices I jumped to add some larges and mediums as well! Super fast shipping, super safe and neat packaging, healthy roaches and not a single DOA! These roaches were so healthy when they arrived, I felt more than comfortable popping a few directly in to my dragons cages. You can tell they were well hydrated and gut loaded before being shipped!


My experience with Loaded Dubia Roaches could possibly outdate the name itself. The guys here are amazing! Easy to work with, willing to help and educate to help you keep the best possible feeders for your animals. Beyond that their Roaches are like no other. Beyond best bang for your buck! The attention to detail and focus on healthy bugs with balanced nutrition is unmatched. Buy them and see for yourself!! Your animals will thank you!!


I am really impressed with every order. The roaches that we have recieved are always healthy looking and packaged with care. I have only had a great experience with@loadeddubiaroaches💛🧡


I just want to say that loaded dubia roaches has meet all my needs and answered all my questions without Hesitation! They have gone above and beyond on their customer services! Always have the best dubia shipped to me and in a timely fashion!

@ bearded_beardie_breeder

My experience with@loadeddubiaroacheswas phenomenal!!!!! They have great customer service and the dubias!!!! Theyre by far the best dubia i spent money on for dragons. They love these dubias and i recommend them to everyone! Literally! They respond very fast as well and will answer all questions to the best of their abilities. If they dont know a answer to your question they gladly research it as well and let you know the answer to your question.


Most all my dragons have been picky on the bugs they eat when I won 100 of the loaded dubia roaches and they devoured them. I’ll definitely be ordering my dubias from them as all my dragons loved their dubias and the quality of them you could tell they were amazing.

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