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Loaded Dubia Roaches | Facebook  

Social Media has become such an important and vital role to the success of many online stores. This is apparent to us and we decided to start a Facebook page to build a community for everyone that has trusted us to provide you quality dubia roaches for your pets. 

Female Dubia Roach Feeder on AppleBuilding a community is very important because we all share a commonality; that's our love for our pets and how important it is to make them healthy and happy. Dubia Roach feeders are one way, arguably the best way, to provide the healthiest reptile treat that inherently promotes happiness. So what are we planning to do on Facebook? 

Facebook is a great way for us all to share stories, give/get advice, and provide Loaded Dubia Roaches with feedback so we can continually improve for you. Facebook will be the platform that we will predominantly use, outside of our newsletter that you should also sign up for, to give you updates on the company, our inventory, and share posts about us along the way. 

From time to time we will have contests and promotions on Facebook that will result in prizes such as a gift card to our store. We have a lot of great ideas that will be a lot of fun. Make sure you follow our page so you don't miss out! 

We look forward to building a success and we need you to do that! Stay active on our Facebook page because the feedback is important. It lets us know that you like what we are doing. Sharing, Liking, and commenting helps us reach new people that could also benefit from being in our community. Thank you, from everyone at Loaded Dubia Roaches, for choosing to be a part of our community.

Loaded Dubia Roaches | Facebook

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